These huge catalogs of music are usually accessed at a fairly low cost, and moreover,



Accessing virtually any song in the head is much easier than doing the same thing with movies or TV series: music streaming services offer catalogs that for most users include almost all the songs and records that they want to listen to,

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Music Career


Nightclub DJ, Deejay, Disc Jockey

Record Producer

Producer, Music Producer

Rock Star

Rocker, Frontman, Frontwoman

Assistant Engineer

Recording Assistant, Mixing Assistant

A good rule, when you have to choose, is to initially use the free trial periods that offer all the services: at the same time, to make comparisons on the artists available in the catalog or the quality of the audio,


Music sales across the globe totaled $15 billion in 2014 alone, according to IFPI, with the majority of money split evenly between digital and physical copy sales.

Background Singer

The success that the streaming music , not only from the arrival of the internet as well as with the spread of smartphones

Music Teacher

Testing the different solutions currently available is clearly a method to develop an idea, but it is equally important to have a basic idea of ​​what you are looking for and what are the names to which you can turn your attention.


In this perennial battle, characterized by features and different offers also depending on the period,


As we had already done for the streaming services of films and series , we collected prices, functions and various information on the main music streaming services available in Italy, to orient themselves in the choice.


In choosing the best streaming music services , the one offered by Spotify represents a point of reference if not an excellence in the sector from a well-stocked catalog, from easy navigation

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5 Activities to Indulge Your Kids in This Summer

Ok so school is out and your kids are home for a couple of months. You don’t want to leave them in front of the TV or a computer all day, do you? There are a lot of summer camps and activity centers that can offer up plenty of activities around the city but depending on the characteristics of your kid, you need to be diligent in selecting the activities as going about it wrong can mess up the summer for the kid and develop wrong habits.

So, depending on what your kid likes you can try one of these activities that’ll help keep them tied up for the summer. Let’s take a look.

Explore a zoo

A trip to the zoo is something everyone looks forward to, young and old alike. There are zoos all over the world, in pretty much every major city out there. Taking a trip to the zoo, you can get an up-close and personal experience with some of the world’s most majestic creatures without disturbing them in their natural habitat. While most of these zoos only require a minimal amount of money as admission, and others take any money you offer as a means for their conservation efforts.

Learn something new

If your kid likes history or the previous civilizations, a trip to the museum can do wonders for them. If you have a museum in your vicinity all the better. For the first couple of visits, you can accompany them. You never know if you could spark some interest and you could find your kid spending hours on days learning away.

Music camp

If you feel like your kid has some musical talents, you could spend some bucks and send them to music camp to hone those skills and bring it out even more. It could do wonders for their skills under the supervision of trained professionals, like piano teachers canberra and on top of that, they are sure to make some lifelong friends.

Science camp

Just like the previous entry, this one is for the engineers in every house. Sending kids to a science camp can help you prepare them for the amazing things they build in the future. It can help set up a sound foundation for their scientific endeavors and maybe even help them find out their true calling early in life. Who knows what they build or discover?

Explore the night sky

There is no better way to reach for the stars than by looking through a telescope. If your kid is interested in astronomy, you can buy them a telescope or take them to a local observatory for free public nights. With professionals on hand to answer all the queries and concerns, you never know your kid could end up with a long satisfying career in astronomy.

Tips for Anyone Starting a Childcare Service

Child care is a mandatory service for working families. If you intend to open one, here is the good news; it is designated to have one of the blistering employment growth rates by 2020. This assures the financial security but there are more important things to consider before you put yourself into this emotional Topsy-turvy.

Are you enthusiastic about the little kids? Do you have the necessary qualifications and training to fulfill the licensing requirements? Do you have a purpose-driven personality that would help you to achieve your goals? If so, let’s move forward.

Prepare your Facility and Faculty

Either it’s a home-based daycare or a full-fledged commercial setup, thoroughly assess the area. What amount of business that location can bring to you must be the goal of assessment. Secondly, is it going to be a standard child care hobart or you intend to offer a Montessori or pre-education program with it? Prepare your faculty accordingly. Your budget model includes staff salaries, utilities, rent, licensing and other management and administration costs.

Stand Apart from the Crowd

stand out

It is true that every individual has some idiosyncratic qualities in them. Identify yours and refine it, bring it in your business. That would make you different from others.  Take competition as a healthy exercise that urges you to do more, to accomplish more. Your achievement, at the end of the day, is not to keep them alive but to inculcate ethics, manners that would make them a good human being. Sounds much better than just watching television for a number of hours.

The way you brand yourself, your business, your services, the difference you can make in those kids lives would make you stand apart from the crowd. Work on it, invest in yourself, gain parents confidence, show them you are doing it better than anyone else.

Risks and Rewards

In a childcare business, one feels an extraordinary sense of gratification in realizing that they have the capability to make a difference in kid’s lives. There is a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in daycare which has no substitute. But, there are days, when everything seems challenging. Kids can be difficult, prolong duty hours, continuous hard work, disciplinary issues, etc. there, lo and behold, take a minute and remember why you started?

Pay Heed to Feedback

This is the best way to bring improvement to your business. Listen to your clients, your referral, and your competitors.  They would urge you to think outside the box, to bring novelty in your business, to create the best version of it.

Providing childcare services is a risky business. People are trusting you with their kids. That’s a hell lot of responsibility. Kids can be adamant, difficult to manage. Parents can be demanding. This is one of the business where more than rationality, emotions are in. Be sure to be the part of it, only do it if you are really passionate about it.

Who is Alice Merton: age and career of the German singer

There is a 25-year-old girl who has been on the crest of the wave of world music for just over two years. This is Alice Merton, a German singer with Canadian and British citizenship. With the single ‘No roots’ he has climbed the charts all over the world and has established himself as one of the emerging and certainly most talented profiles of the music scene. Tonight, Alice Merton will be hosted by Fabio Fazio in ‘Che tempo che fa’, on Rai 1 . Born in Frankfurt am Main on September 13, 1993, the singer will know Italy very closely during her next tour.

Alice Merton, who is the world-famous German singer with ‘No Roots’ and ‘Lash out’
Alice Merton began her musical studies at the age of 20, in 2013. She graduated as a composer and singer-songwriter at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. The musical debut of the 25 year old makes her a predestined one. In December 2016, in fact, ‘No Roots’ was launched, the first excerpt of the only eponymous Ep published so far. It is a global success. Alice Merton depopulated thanks to a song that will become a catchphrase and thanks to which, in 2018, wins the European Border Breakers Awards. In the same year he published ‘Lash Out’, the third extract of ‘No roots’. It is a song that confirms the artistic goodness of Alice Merton, whose style becomes almost unmistakable and projects it into the Olympus of the indie pop. A few weeks ago, ‘Learn To Live’ was launched, a single that anticipated the release of its first album, ‘Mint’.

Because you should treat your music career like a startup By Ruben De MarchINSTRUMENTS01. 01. 70

The music business is still the far west – here’s how to be an outlaw.

Hello foreign.

Music promotion to grow your career as an artist is the hardest thing to do on earth (trust me, I know).

I think that growing a startup is the second most difficult thing (I know something about this too).

For some reason I was lucky – or crazy – enough to try both music and startup. It turns out that it’s much easier if you learn from both.


Both require constant GROWTH. This eight-letter word can not be ignored in any career – be it creative or business. Or creatively business.

Here’s what I learned, and you should learn too:

It may seem obvious, but let’s face it: musicians are not the best in thinking ahead.

We live in this moment. And that’s okay.

But a bit of foresight can do a lot. Especially when it comes to the life cycle of recording, releasing, promoting and going on tour.


Every good startup has a program – or, in terms of a musician, a long-term plan (hello dreams!).

It also has a short-term plan (reality!). Just do not be afraid to be flexible – because when life flows, you have to know how to adapt.

Release quickly
Think of it this way: spend 3 years working on your first record. But then you realize that your style of obscure underground music is not well seen by anyone.

The music changes at crazy speed, it is the internet that decides the speed of tastes and consumption.

So how to be on the crest of the wave? Easy. Publish your music while you’re creating it.

Post it on SoundCloud. See what interests your community, your audience, your friends.

Store various feedback and make more music. Your community is a super support lab where you should test any stuff. In doubt, head!

If something works, do it again
– but better. If it fails, let it go.
Release constantly and listen to your audience. It will guide you towards your best work.

Be hungry, be concentrated
Do you remember the program of your original plan? Use it.

Take 5 minutes a day to let yourself be inspired by your dreams and hopes. Do not be afraid of being hungry. Sacrifice yourself in the name of your art.

Work in the present and remember first of all why you started making music.
Stay home and work on your projects instead of going out. You will be repaid sooner than you think.

Fail first, fail often
This saying is brought up constantly in business but is essential for fast growth.

People are scared of bankruptcy. But as the startup gods have taught us:
failure is fantastic!
It sounds strange but think so: you learn a lot but much more from a failure than mediocrity.

In mediocrity you give pats on your shoulders, you do not learn anything and you do not grow up.

In bankruptcy there is no choice but to look for what can be done better, collect the pieces and do it all over again, knowing what must be avoided.

Use technology
Startups are not afraid of technology (probably because they are too busy creating it).

But often musicians are. Do not be afraid. There are loads of very useful and creative music technologies in development right now.

Get used to the idea that good technologies exist to improve your life.
They open you to a world of possibilities.
Native Instruments, Ableton, LANDR, SoundCloud and Echo Nest are just a few examples of technologies that are crazy to help you.

And with the new musical technology that comes up every day there is no sign of slowing down. Either you get involved or stay back.

Think of Jobs and Wozniak – to Lennon and McCartney. In Kraftwerk or how Kanye manages a team of hundreds of people.

You need people around. You need them to bring out the best in you, and you need them to bring out the best in them.

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